Il mare è l’unico essere infinito che si pone umilmente ai nostri piedi, senza mai perdere una briciolo della sua grandezza...

The sea is the only infinite being that humbly places itself at our feet, without ever losing a crumb of its size...

Łeba (Poland), August 2023

Phang Nga Bay (Thailand), January 2024

Sanur (Indonesia), August 2022

Nusa Penida (Indonesia), August 2022

Rewal (Poland), August 2021

Manarola (Italy), December 2018

Dziwnówek (Poland), August 2021

Vernazza (Italy), October 2019

Dziwnówek (Poland), August 2021

Portovenere (Italy), December 2019

Bogliasco (Italy), June 2019

Vernazzola (Italy), December 2019

Nervi (Italy), December 2019

Camogli (Italy), December 2018

Manarola (Italy), December 2018

Gallipoli (Italy), July 2018

Boccadasse (Italy), December 2018

Erice (Italy), August 2015

Masua (Italy), July 2017

Genoa (Italy), December 2018

Camogli (Italy), December 2018

Otranto (Italy), July 2018

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